Black Friday 2017

Here is a quick rundown of the Sol Kendamas 2017 Black Friday sale. We have some of the best kendamas available at the lowest prices we've ever offered! Sol Flow kendamas are as low as $14.99, Sol Collaboration kendamas are $15.99, Sol Pastel kendamas for $17.99, and Sol Pro Model kendamas for $31.99. Make sure to get your kendamas for Christmas, because this is the best time to do so!


Flows | 65-80% off


Collaborations | 60% off


Pastels | 25% off

Sol Pastels

Pro Models | 20% off

Pro Models


Thank you for checking out our 2017 Black Friday sale! Sol Kendamas is working hard to make sure that you get the best deals in kendama for Black Friday. Christmas is just around the corner, so Black Friday is the best time to place an order for a kendama gift. All orders will be shipped out on Tuesday November 28, 2017.

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