Why You Should Go to Kendama Events

Why You Should Go to Kendama Events

Kevin DeSoto lacing a trick at Battle at the Border 2017

If you've played kendama before, then you know how social it is. When playing alone, you can focus, challenge yourself, and improve your game. You can watch edits, film your own, and grind for hours. However, many people practice so that when they get together, they can show off and win in different games. Many practice to become better within the community itself. The kendama community is composed of many different types of people, and you can find yourself in a group of individuals that you might not have had it not been for kendama to unite you. No matter the skill levels, it is always enjoyable to surround yourself with other kendama players.

Liam Rauter winning the Open Division at Battle at the Border 2017

That's the beauty of a kendama event: you get to go, make new friends, share positive vibes, listen to music, jam kendama, and sometimes win prizes. Kendama events exist to bring everyone together to have a fun time.

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