30 Minutes with Alex Mitchell Is A Must Watch!

August 02, 2021

30 Minutes with Alex Mitchell Is A Must Watch!

In the latest episode of the Sol Summer Series, Alex Mitchell is challenged with a countdown of 30 minutes to see what kendama tricks he can land in that amount of time. 

The kind of tricks that Mr. Mitchell can land in just a half hour are tricks that most of us battle weeks for. Sure, he's a member of the Sol Kendamas pro team, and for good reasons, however the bangers Alex is able to spike with such a short countdown is extremely impressive and transcends him from being just a professional kendama player to player of his own unique kind. 

What Can Sol Pro Alex Mitchell Land In 30 Minutes?

I would offer a detailed list of every insane trick Alex gets in this video, but I feel like the tricks would sound made up, that's how crazy they are. So this is definitely something you are just going to have to see for yourself as it is a must watch:  

To see more of Alex Mitchell in action be sure to check out his Instagram page where he routinely posts new tricks. Also, if you have not checked out his Sol Kendamas Pro edit that was shot in Japan, you are seriously missing out on the kinds of tricks he can do when he can take his time. As you can probably imagine, his pro edit is completely bonkers.