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How to Make a Flyer For Your Kendama Event

March 13, 2017

How to Make a Flyer For Your Kendama Event So you have planned your kendama event, and decided how, where, why, what, and many more details. We understand, you want to start getting the word out. Flyers are a great way to let anyone know about your event. They can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, text messages, and in other random places.  While they are easy to share, it is a little harder to gather peoples' interest. The better your flyer looks, the better your event will be. If your flyer isn't planned well, who is to say that the event won't be either? Show the Right Information Less is often more when it comes to design. You want people...

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Shipping Kendamas in the USA

March 06, 2017

Shipping Kendamas in the USA For anyone who hasn't purchased a kendama before, you might have a few questions about shipping. It's nothing too complicated, but if you've never experienced it, you might not know what to expect. If you are looking to buy, sell, trade, or ship kendamas to a buddy, you might be looking for advice as well. When you purchase a kendama, unless its from Amazon, it typically won't arrive within 2 days. Typically, companies ship kendamas via the United States Postal Service, or USPS for short. There are usually two types of services: first class mail, and priority mail. First Class First class mail is by far the most cost effective way to ship kendamas. First...

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Why You Should Make a Kendama Edit

February 27, 2017

Why You Should Make a Kendama Edit First of all, what is a kendama edit? The term edit originated within the skateboarding community, and means to edit series of videos of you landing tricks. Kendama edits usually integrate music to align with a theme or to set the mood. Sometimes music is selected just because the creator likes it. Edits have become increasingly popular, and for good reason! Let me tell you why: Sol Kendama Pros (Queen City Kendama Open on March 12, 2016) Community Many different slayers do not have a local kendama community. Unfortunately this is the case for a lot of kendama players, and it isn't the most fun situation. One way to connect with other kendama...

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