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Who is KendamaNorway?

August 24, 2015

Starting a community is never an easy task. The guys over at KendamaNorway are working hard at doing just that. They aim to build a community in a country that really hasn't seen kendama. These guys found us on the internet, and helped us bring our kendamas to a new country! We wanted to hear about their story, and help them find some support! Without further adieu, the interview:

What is Kendama Norway?
Kendama Norway is the name of the only Norwegian Kendama team. It consists of Elias Salbu and Kim Fredrik Moberg.

What was kendama like in Norway before you two started a group?
Out of what we know, there were about 5-10 people practising the Kendama in Norway, before we started.

Now, there are about 20-30 people lacing tricks around the country (that we know of).

What was your plan for growing Kendama in Norway?
Well, we didn't know any other Norwegian people that knew what kendama was, so we felt that we had to do something about it. We created Kendama Norway. To make things grow, we found out that the least we can do is to practise the dama in the middle of our town. This way, people would see us, wonder about what we do, and there you go, another person that knows what kendama is.

How did you find Sol Kendamas?
We knew about the bigger brand like Sweets and Kendama USA, but we wanted to let other companies reach outside-US countries as well. And we came across Sol Kendamas. What was extra facinating, was that they started in kind of the same way as me and Kim.  Two guys being passionate about something. And doing something about it.

How are people responding to seeing this new toy?
People are very interested with the kendama. They stop, look and ask. They also compare it with a yoyo or a diablo, but we tell them that this is much cooler so...

What goals/plans do you have for the future of kendama in Norway?
Honestly, as of right now, we don't have huge plans. We want to get better, spread the scene, and make Kendama Norway bigger. 

Do you have any tips for other people in the same situation?
Always have big goals! Being open, kind, and share what your hobby is in every open situation!

Final comments:
Our hope and dream is to walk around where we live and hear the sound of "clacks". We feel that we are getting a step closer every day.

Thank you Sol Kendamas for helping us out! We feel honored!

Be sure to go check the guys out at KendamaNorway at the following places:
Facebook: KendamaNorway
Instagram: @kendamanorway
Youtube: Kendama Norway