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Battle At The Border 2022 Event Recap!

February 03, 2022

Battle At The Border 2022 Event Recap!

Battle At The Border 2022 was one of our biggest and most exciting kendama competitions to date! Held at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee, Battle At The Border is Sol Kendamas' very own epic kendama competition where contests range from a Pro Open, to beginner speed ladders. The event took place on January 28th and 29th and was jammed packed with contests, video premieres, team demos, announcements, awards and more!

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Again, we couldn't have pulled off BATB 2022 without the support from our amazing sponsors!

Battle AT The Border Podium Results

Needless to say, what went down on the main stage was absolutely insane. Every player who entered brought their very best despite the pressure of being in front of a live audience again. Our very own Sol Pro, Liam Rauter, took 1st place in the Pro Open, followed by another Sol Pro, Alex Mitchell, who came in second place. 

Pro Open
1st - @liamjr15
2nd - @alexmitchell
3rd - @zack_gallagher
1st - @teodorefiorina
2nd - @zbmags77
3rd - @logantosta
Am Open
1st - @jann.dama
2nd - Nolan Reeves
3rd - @marr.dylan
1st - Joshua Stephens
2nd - Brandon Perez
3rd - Dustin Smith
1st - Justin Purtlebaugh
2nd - @lawlesskendama
3rd - Kyle Welsh
1st - @_sakura.dama_
2nd - Jacob Stokes
3rd - Ben

Kelvin Wong's Ode To The 702 Video Premiere 

This year, we had some unforgettable kendama edits be released at Battle At The Border. Here is one of ours featuring Kelvin Wong!