Hosting A Kendama Jam In Your Community

June 21, 2021

Hosting A Kendama Jam In Your Community

Thinking of hosting a kendama jam in your community? Well, you have come to the right place! Our team has hosted hundreds of jams over the years and we have learned a thing or two about how to gather kendama players and have a good time. 

Planning a jam doesn't have to be a headache. With the tools w have today via the internet, it has never been easier to host a kendama jam. So let's get into it!

Clarify Your Intent

Whether you want to host a kendama jam at a local arts festival, build your community, or just have some fun on your day off, it is always good to understand from the get-go what your intention behind hosting a jam may be. 

Ask your self these questions: 

1. Do I have the time and energy?

2. Do I want this to be a recurring monthly thing? 

3. Do I know people who will show up?

4. Am I trying to meet new players?

5. Am I willing to facilitate mini-games, hosting, and the overall experience? 

6. Will my jam be all ages or adults only? 

Your answers should be able to begin to build a better picture of the kind of jam you want to host. 

Plan Ahead!

Now that you have an idea of why you want to host a kendama meet up, it's time to start planning ahead. When organizing a gathering, it is always a good idea to do the proper preparation so everything can run smoothly. 

Find A Good Date and Location 

Location is key to a successful kendama jam, and there are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect spot. So try and figure out if your jam will be indoor or outdoor. Indoor jams at a local business can be beneficial as they perhaps serve food, drinks, and have clean restrooms. Outdoor events are still enjoyable, but think about weather, public restrooms, and bringing a cooler filled with bottled water. 

As for a day and time, weekends are probably the best way to go as most people can be available to attend, along with at least a 2 week notice so players can adjust their schedules with a reasonable notice. Time of day factors in as well. Are you trying to do a daytime jam or an evening laid back sesh? 

Promote Your Jam

Now that you have a location and day, it is time to start promoting! It is good to make a digital flyer to promote on social media. There are plenty of mobile apps that can easily help you design a simple flyer for your jam. From there, you can start by posting in the Facebook Kendama Community to see if anyone is near your area who would be interested in coming. 

Be Welcoming and Have Fun!

Okay, so its the day of the event! You have been busy promoting and now it is time to make it all happen. Arrive at your location early and scope things out. Find a safe spot where players can leave their bags and kendamas. Have a designated play space that doesn't interfere with other surroundings. 

Create An Inclusive Environment

When players start to arrive, be inviting and welcoming and ask their names and where they came from. Being welcoming makes new players who have never met you feel comfortable and included. Music can help break the ice with new players as well, so if you have a speaker playing some tunes ask if they have any songs they'd like to listen to!

We'd also suggest playing mini games that involve every level of player, from unicorn and candle stick battles, to a beginner level Spike Off challenge or ladders. 

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

When it comes to a successful kendama jam, the most important part is everyone having fun, including you, the organizer! Once the jam has a reached a "cruising altitude", involve yourself and play kendama with your new friends!