Blue Cream Soda

Sol Kendamas

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Cream Soda is a well-known sweet treat in Japan. On our first trip to Tokyo in 2018, we met the renowned Omurice chef, Yutaka Shimizu. Every time the team travels to Japan for KWC and C&F, we frequent his shop. When he first asked us to make a collaboration kendama with him, we jumped on it! This is the second cream soda collab and the fifth kendama we have made alongside Yutaka-san.

Maple 2UP ken

62mm light maple/beech halfsplit tama (to help lower the tama weights)

All-star bevel

OG sticky paint

10-12 finger length string


Included in purchase:

  • Blue Cream Soda Kendana
  • Extra Black String + Metal Bearing Bead
  • Blue Cream Soda Clots Drawstring Bag

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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