6 Sol Video Edits That Will Blow Your Mind

June 01, 2021

6 Sol Video Edits That Will Blow Your Mind

In the past four months the Sol Kendamas crew has been cranking out new footage of some of the gnarliest kendama tricks in the game at the moment. 2021 has been a weird year as the kendama community had to experience the COVID-19 pandemic like everyone else. Despite this, we have been able to round up a great number of epic kendama clips shot and performed by notable kendama community members. 

Allow me to name drop: we have Alex Mitchell, Carter Justice, Kelvin Wong, Chad Covington, and a Sol Legend edit featuring Kris Bosch. Can you feel the weight of that sentence like I can? If not, we have video footage on the Sol Kendama's Youtube Channel. Besides awesome team and solo player edits, we offer some in-depth tutorials and videos that document our travels! Be sure to Subscribe!

Alex Mitchell - Fresh to Seshed - Tozai Sol Vibe

You just cant go wrong with a new edit from Sol Pro Alex Mitchel. And Freshed to Sehed too? That could not have taken long for him.


Jam the Signal - Alex Mitchell & Chad Covington

Alex and Chad pair up for a few quick clips featuring Honed x Sol Signal Jammers. A cool video thats worth watching just for the editing alone!

WLR Series Full Edit - Carter Justice

Carter Justice pops off in his full Whole Lotta Red edit. Make sure you are sitting down for this one. 

Kelvin Wong - POV Kendama Edit 1

Theres no introduction necessary for Kelvin Wong. Just press play and try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor. 

Kris Bosch - Sol Kendamas Legend Mod Edit

A Sol Kendamas legendary player has been knighted - Kris Bosch. And its not hard to see why. He has the years under his belt and he's committed to the game. Be sure to stay for the last trick, it's probably one of the coolest of 2021 so far.