MKO Wrap-Up

November 22, 2015

MKO Wrap-Up

minnesota kendama open 2015

The Sol Kendamas team found themselves at the 2015 Minnesota Kendama Open this year. It was incredible. It was the first time that our team got together (minus Aaron!) and jammed together. And yes, of course, we did manage to sneak some kendamas through the airport. 

Cal Nassar got to compete in his first ever free style competition, and it wasn't easy. He faced some of the free style legends: Dave Mateo, Thorkild May, and Jake Fischer. He made it through the first round, beating Kristian Aynedter at the judges' discretion. It was tough, and Cal wasn't able to take home the trophy, (congrats Jake!) but he clocked in some serious experience. He'll be ready for the next competition for sure.

Wesley Carkonen also showed up in the Open Division. Every big name was in the house, and the competition was intense. Wes made it into the top 32 of players, which is a great accomplishment. Joshua Groves ended up beating Wes in the next round, with nerves at an all time high. The young slayer is going to grow up ready to take all the titles.


On Saturday, we had the opportunity to release our new standard-sized ken-only options. You can find them online here. They're available for a limited time! Be sure to cop a new ken.

We're very thankful to have the opportunity to travel to Minnesota for the most epic kendama event of the year. Big ups to the guys at Sweets Kendamas, and of course, the man himself. Matt took good care of us. Thank you very much!

Sweets Kendamas

Here's to another year of dama!