A Parents Guide To Kendama

January 21, 2022

A Parents Guide To Kendama

Are you a parent or legal guardian of a kid who has picked up on the kendama craze? Well, this article is for you. 

You might have been a little confused at first when your child came up to you asking to buy them a kendama - word you have probably never heard before. You may have asked them what it is exactly and they do their best to explain how you can do tricks with this ball and cup toy, and that all of their friends are playing it. it's possible that they may have even brought home a kendama that their friend may have gifted them to get them started, and now they're hooked and want one of their own. And now here you are, doing the research wonder just what in fact this kendama thing is all about. So let's start with the basics. 

What Is Kendama? 

Originating in Japan hundreds of years ago, kendama is a skill game that uses three different sized cups, a spike, and a ball that is tethered to it by a string. The ball has a hole in it in which the player aims to land on the spike. It may appear challenging at first to a beginner player, but there are numerous easy tricks that anyone can do with little experience. From their, a players kendama skills can grow with practice and developing hand-eye coordination. 

Why Do Kids Love Kendama?

Kendama has become popular in schools, kids clubs, and just around the neighborhood simply because it is fun! Kids can individually practice or learn together with others. But don't confuse it as another fad toy, as it can be included in the same play category as why kids want to roller blade, skateboard, or ride bicycles. However with kendama, no personal protective equipment is required!

Benefits Of Kendama For A Child's Mind

Aside from its entertainment value, kendama provides a list of physical and psychological advantages such as:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Patience and mindfulness
  • Goal setting and achievement 
  • Community building
  • Stress relief
  • Reduces screen time

How Much Does A Kendama Cost?

The beauty of kendama is that it is not only fun and beneficial, it is also affordable. However, although they look the same, kendama's are different. The differences are the shape of them, wood used, paint colors, and quality. A cheap kendama on Amazon is likely to become damaged easier, where one from a professional company will last longer, accelerate trick progression, and support a brand that reinvests into the community. Our kendama's start under $40, and that is for a high quality, player focused product that introduces a beginner player into the kendama community as we offer Youtube videos, events, and accessories like replacement string

If you're a parent who's child keeps asking you to get them a kendama, hopefully this article shed some light into what it's all about. However, we have barely scratched the surface as there is a global community out there elevating the game every single day.