Chad Covington and Sol Kendamas Featured In Shoutout LA

January 06, 2022

Chad Covington and Sol Kendamas Featured In Shoutout LA

Shoutout LA is a website that focuses on independently owned and operated businesses and creatives who come up with unique and earnest ideas about what they are passionate about, and how they are helping their communities. Shoutout LA engages its interviewees in meaningful conversations that try to drum up some insightful thoughts and ideas. From entrepreneurs, to artists, the individuals they interview are asked about why they got started doing what they do or why they create what they create. 

Shoutout LA's Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to help change the way people spend money. We want people to spend more of their money with mom-and-pops, small businesses, independent artists and creatives. We think one of the most powerful ways to do that is by putting small business owners and creatives at the center of discussions designed to spark conversation within the community."

Chad On Taking Risks

In the article, Chad is asked about taking risks where he says, "Risk plays a huge role in every aspect of business... When my brother and I first launched Sol Kendamas, we did not think much about the potential risks we were taking on... Our naivety in entrepreneurship allowed us to confidently take big steps without the fear of failure getting in the way. Often times, the fear of messing up prevents you from taking those big risks. Mistakes lead to learning opportunities and growth, which lead to making better decisions. The times where Sol Kendamas has experienced the most growth were times where we stepped out of our comfort zone, took big risks, and ran with it." 

The full article is a great read, and we highly recommend checking it out. It is a great view into the mind of one of the owners of Sol Kendamas, as Chad gets a little candid with the upfront questions he is asked. It's kind of a different form a Chad Covington that we don't usually see, so it is defiantly a unique piece that is well worth the read!