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Check Out These Amazing Kendama Art Pieces

July 06, 2021

Check Out These Amazing Kendama Art Pieces

2014 was a great year for kendama. It was the year that Bonz Atron won the 1st Kendama World Cup and kendama was on the rise. A new creative kendama boom was happening with not only tricks, but for kendama's themselves. 

What The Dama!?

2014 was the year of What The Dama!?, an art exhibition that featured a line up of creatively designed kendamas that reflected the artists personal style. The show was held by UltraSuperNew Gallery at a pop-up event in Osaka, Japan. 

"Kendama is the delinquent adopted child of Japanese toys that has recently taken the world by storm, finding a home with street culture.

2014 marks the year that kendama is coming back to Japan in a big way and it’s time for artists to put their stamp on it. We invite artists to express their artwork on blank kendamas to show the world ”What the Dama!?” this KENDAMA movement is all about.

The exhibition will feature over 50 artists bringing their personal style to the humble Kendama."

Kendama Art Taken To A New Level

Check out the photos below to see some of the amazing creators that appeared at What The Dama!?