Check Out These Goofy Kendama Shirts On Amazon

September 06, 2021

Check Out These Goofy Kendama Shirts On Amazon

The kendama community has seen it's fair share of silly gimmicks and novelty items over the years. But now, we have discovered a series of graphic tees on Amazon that will make any seasoned kendama player laugh. 

Kendama Shirts On Amazon Are Like Kendama's On Amazon

Produced through a number of Amazon shops, brands called "Kendama Outfits", "Kendama Spirit Apparel", and "Only Kendama", sell kendama inspired graphic t-shirts with just flat-out silly and goofy designs. My favorite probably is the one that says, "I Don't Need Therapy, I Just Need To Go Playing Kendama".

Even the description is a pretty hilarious read: "Makes a funny gift for kendama player and people who loves traditional japanese game. Show that you have skills to playing kendama with the technical ball. This cool Design influences an occasion, to travel, cup sports, kendama training & sport events. Awesome Gift for trick player, perseverance brother, concentration children and teens who loves playing kendama." 




Looking For Kendama Shirts? 

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