Check Out These Tokyo 2020 Olympic Kendamas!

August 09, 2021

Check Out These Tokyo 2020 Olympic Kendamas!

With the 2020 Olympics coming to a close, the world can at last sit back and ponder on about the incredible athleticism that was displayed in Tokyo, Japan. To commemorate the 2020 Olympic Games and it's host country, The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has released a line of kendamas that uses the Olympic emblem. 

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Kendamas

What is so cool about these Olympic kendamas is that they are definitive proof that the Olympics are well aware of kendama, and saw a market in selling them. Each one is currently sold out as it seems like they only manufactured a very limited supply. With the Olympic Games being held in Japan an entire line of Japanese inspired Olympic products have been produced, but for us kendama players, these commemorative kendamas really take the cake!

The Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop describes kendama as, "a sword and ball toy, made in Japan, produced in the city of Nagai, in Yamagata Prefecture. The kendama is one of Japan's traditional cultures, a toy that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gender. With a single kendama, you can enjoy a variety of skills and games, everything from basic techniques to advanced tricks."

These Tokyo 2020 kendamas came in six different colors with matching string. And by the seal near the base cup it appears that they are authentic Ozora kendamas, keeping the entire make and model entirely Japanese. Being a supplier of Ozora's for North America, we could have only wished to get our hands on these! I mean, talk about a collectors item! 

We had previously wrote a blog asking is kendama will ever be in the Olympics and seeing these kendamas really gives us hope that it is definitely a possibility in the future. And being Ozora's, it is really cool how the original modern kendama company was able to collaborate with the Olympics to create these beauties.