Dama To The Death 4 Announced For November 2021

April 27, 2021

Dama To The Death 4 Announced For November 2021

The only winner burns all kendama tournament is back after the COVID-19 pandemic put every in-person kendama event to a halt. Honed Media made the announcement that Dama To The Death 4 will be in person and will take place November of this year in Orlando, Florida. 

What Is Dama To The Death?

Dama To The Death is a KEN tournament where if you are eliminated your ken goes into a burn pile to be later ignited by the 1st place winner. We know it sounds extreme, but after attending Dama To The Death 2 and 3, we can say that it is a super friendly and fun event that takes kendama competitions to the next level.

Ryan and Marley from Honed Media explain how Dama To The Death came to be in a short documentary about the event:

 Sol Kendamas At Dama To The Death

At Dama To The Death 3 we released Antithesis, our collaboration kendama with Honed Media which sold out immediately. Lyndon Whalen and Kevin Desoto from our pro team got to compete and made it to the final rounds where they both were eliminated and had to cut their ken's loose to be added to the fire! So don't be intimidated by the concept of this event, as it happens to the pros too!

Dama To The Death is one of the biggest kendama contests in to the Southeastern United States, and has put Florida's kendama community on the map. It is an event that is full of friendly competition, and camaraderie when players are eliminated (having to add your ken added to the burn pile is a sort of right of passage). Besides the KEN tournament, there is usually a pre-party the day before where videos and announcements are debuted. On the day of the contest, there are vendors, music, food and drinks. Overall, Dama To The Death is a fun event that is worth making the drive down to Florida for. And we simply cannot wait for the next one in November!

Check out this video below to see Sol Kendamas at Dama To The Death 2!