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Dama To The Death 4 Recap!

November 22, 2021

Dama To The Death 4 Recap!

Dama To The Death 4 was held between November 12 and 13 in Orlando, Florida and we made the trip down to the swamp to have our team contend in the pro freestyle and jam with the Florida kendama scene. Created and operated by the dudes over at Honed Media, Dama To The Death is a one of a kind kendama event 

Pre-Party Was LIT!

The day before the pro and am tournaments, we hosted a pre-party at Dead Lizard Brewing were slinging damas and had a line up of video premieres including Step Brothers featuring Sol Pro Alex Mitchell. 



We also created a special Sol hot sauce exclusively for Dama To The Death called Honed Chili Hatch! Supreme Wings, a local Orlando wing truck, supplied the naked wings and used our sauces that was listed on a special menu. 

Day Of The Competition

This years event had new rules where previous KEN tournament winners automatically get seed for free into the pro freestyle contest so everyone was anxious to see who the new winner would be. The amateur KEN tournament started around 1pm, and multiple matches took place at the same time as players moved through the bracket. There were some intense matches that gathered small crowds as the stakes were high to say the least - you lose, you burn!



Sponors vended products and merchandise throughout the day and Dead Lizard Brewing supplied beer in the tap room. Liquid Death Mountain Water was also a sponsor this year and were free out of a big cooler! Later in the day, the finals for the KEN tournament we held inside on a stage with music and lighting. 

The KEN finals finished up first and then the pro freestyle took place immediately after. There was decent size crowd that gathered around to watch the pros go to head to head in freestyle. We heard one person comment that it had a similar vibe to an underground rap battle!


 Am KEN Tournament 

  1. Squid
  2. Christian Zetting
  3. Kelvin Wong

Pro Freestyle

  1. Wyatt Bray 
  2. Alex Mitchell
  3. Kelvin Wong



Universal Studios Adventure!

The day after the tournaments, on Sunday, the Honed Media team hooked us up with some tickets to Universal Studios! From seeing the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, to riding the new Velocicoaster in Jurassic Park, we had a full day of fun in the sun. For November, the weather was beautiful and we definitely had a blast! It was a really great way to digest the previous days events and hang with the homies. We couldn't have asked for a better way to end our trip to Orlando!