EPIC Kendama Trick Shots!

August 30, 2021

EPIC Kendama Trick Shots!

On episode 22 of the Sol Summer Series, the team combines their talents to create some truly epic kendama trick shots. From the classic 10 Cup challenge to ridiculously long string spikes, this video is jam packed with amazing feats that only the Sol team could put together. 

Now don't get these tricks confused with the regular ol' bangers that the squad puts out almost daily - these are TRICK shots. We put a lot of creative energy into trying to come up with some really clever tricks such as jamming a ken in a sliding door and tossing a tama to land in under bird. Or bouncing a spinning ken off the couch into a tama someone else is holding. This episode of the Sol Summer Series is definitely a fun little piece of entertainment and perfectly showcases just how creative you and your friends can get with kendama.

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