Kendama World Cup 2021 Round Up

August 23, 2021

Kendama World Cup 2021 Round Up

 The 2021 Kendama World Cup has come to an end and what an exciting global kendama competition it was. Just like the 2020 Kendama World Cup, this year's was also held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this may have opened up an opportunity for more players to come out of the woodwork and compete as not every player can travel to Hatsukaichi, Japan every year. 

Kendama World Cup 2021 Winners

KWC 2021 Online was streamed live on the official GLOKEN Youtube channel where thousands of people watched it all go down. The Japanese players really took most of the podium this year with Yasu placing 1st and Maharu Tashiro taking 2nd place, and Romanian player Tiberiu Terteleac took 3rd place bronze with a score of 1664. Yasu's killer score of 2131 dominated by over 400 points compared to the 2nd place score - a stellar lead even by KWC standards. 

Japan took most of the top five leaderboard and it is interesting to see a Romanian place pretty high up there since Romania has had its kendama boom for the past couple of years, so it is nice to see some professional level talent emerge onto the Kendama World Cup charts. Below is the livestream of Day to of KWC 2021 Online and you can skip to the finals by scrubbing to the 8:34:00 mark. 

Watch The Kendama World Cup 2021 Finals Below:

We Made A New Team Member Announcement During KWC! 

Not only did we have our team compete this year at the Kendama World Cup, but we also made a new addition to it as well. So please welcome Nowa to the Sol team! We met her in 2018 when we visited Japan, and over the years of us going back we just got to know her better and better. With her personality, skill set, and dedication the game, we thought she was a perfect addition the Sol Kendamas squad. And below is a very special announcement edit that you seriously do not want to miss!