Sol Kendamas Pro Kevin Desoto Featured On The Brewview Podcast

April 12, 2021

Sol Kendamas Pro Kevin Desoto Featured On The Brewview Podcast

One of our pro team members, Kevin DeSoto, was recently interviewed on one of the most in-depth kendama podcasts out there thats has given multiple members of the kendama community an opportunity to openly talk over coffee. Brewview is a kendama and coffee themed podcast that gets kendama players talking. And now, it is Kevin DeSoto's turn to speak. 

Get To Know Kevin DeSoto

In season 2, episode 3 of Brewview, hosted by Adam McNeil, our pro team member Kevin DeSoto was guest and chatted about his kendama journey and more.

"The day I heard "KD" being chanted at MKO '18, I knew I needed to get to know this guy. As one of Kendama's most loved and respected players, it was a privilege to have Sol Pro, Kevin Desoto, join the Brewview. In this special episode, Kevin announced his new Sol Kendamas Pro Mod the "1.5." To hear the story and Kevin's journey as a player and competitor, listen NOW! And a special visit from Sol owner, Chad Covington, to keep it spicy!"

In the episode, Kevin talks about his hometown of Las Vegas and the growing kendama scene that he has helped build. He discusses his sponsorships and what they mean to him, and how being a professional kendama player for Sol Kendamas has allowed him to design kendamas and release multiple versions of his pro model.

Where Can I Listen To The Brewview Podcast?

 Brewview is available for listening on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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