Throwback Kendama Open 2021 | Everything You Need To Know!

September 30, 2021

Throwback Kendama Open 2021 | Everything You Need To Know!

 It's time to hone your kendama skillset for the Throwback Kendama Open 2021, perhaps better known as TKO! We go way back hosting this event in 2016, and are super excited to do it once again and in person. This is a speed ladder kendama competition that honors old school dama events where speed ladders were the name of the game!

TKO 2021 Event Info

TKO will be on Saturday, October 23 from 12-5pm ES at Pax Breu Ruim (516 E Main St Chattanooga, TN), where they will be serving up delicious brews throughout the day and we will have plenty of space to jam, hang out, and watch some serious speed ladders take place. 

Contest Rules

Each division has a set of 7 tricks that must be landed in order. You can’t move on to the next trick until you’ve landed the first. The player that completes the entire trick ladder the fastest wins. This year, each match will be 1v1/head to head. Winner takes all (the candy) and $100 to the winner of the pro division! 

We are extremely happy to have our sponsors from KROM Kendama, Find Your Wings, Dama On, OKendama, Active Kendama, and Lotus Kendama! Thanks for your support!


Throwback Kendama Open 2021 Tricks:


Around the Block

Big Cup Spike




Lighthouse In

Swing Spike


Hanging Spike

Airplane Jumping Stick x2

Juggle Big Cup, Spike

Swing Small Bird, Flip to Spike


Around the World



Stunt Plane Fasthand

Inward Lunar, Flip In

Turntable, In


Penguin Swing Spike

Candlestick Swap Spike

Spacewalk In


Tap Juggle Downspike

One Turn Lunar, Lunar Tré, Flip In

Gooncircle Throw LH, flip swap jug spike

1 Turn Airplane, 1.5 Swap, Throw 1.5 In, J Stick

Over the Valley Special, Throw In (tama grip finish)

Two-Turn Airplane, Dub Swap Down Fasthand

1-2-3 Whirlwind (either way)