Why Sol Kendamas Are Perfect For Beginners

April 29, 2022

Why Sol Kendamas Are Perfect For Beginners

With so many kendama options out there, it is hard to decide when first starting out which one to call yours. At first, most kendama's may look the same, however, Sol Kendamas are perfect for those who are interested in starting out with having maximum playability. 

The 1UP Shape

Sol Kendamas are designed with a unique shape, called the 1UP Shape. This one of a kind kendama shape offers a comfortable grip, larger sized cups, and a selection of tama designs that making tracking the bevel easier. 

Video Content For Inspiration

After you purchase a brand new kendama from us, the journey doesn't end there! Our Youtube channel features lots of great kendama content. There you can see our travels, games of 1UP (a kendama game that we created), and epic trick edits from our professional kendama team!

Community Support

As a beginning kendama player, we cannot stress enough how important community engagement and support is. From our social media channels, to our widespread events and kendama jams, Sol Kendamas is always here to support new players and welcome them into the kendama community!

We love nothing more than being a part of a new players introduction into what kendama is all about. It is one of the benefits of being a leader in the kendama community, and something we truly cherish. So if you are a beginner kendama player, welcome and let's have some fun!