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Why You Should Make a Kendama Edit

February 27, 2017

Why You Should Make a Kendama Edit

Why You Should Make a Kendama Edit

First of all, what is a kendama edit? The term edit originated within the skateboarding community, and means to edit series of videos of you landing tricks. Kendama edits usually integrate music to align with a theme or to set the mood. Sometimes music is selected just because the creator likes it. Edits have become increasingly popular, and for good reason! Let me tell you why:

Sol Kendama Pros (Queen City Kendama Open on March 12, 2016)


Many different slayers do not have a local kendama community. Unfortunately this is the case for a lot of kendama players, and it isn't the most fun situation. One way to connect with other kendama players is over the internet. By sharing your edit, you are putting yourself out there and allowing others to know you exist and allowing them to comment on your stuff. Despite the occasional troll, you will receive mostly positive and encouraging comments. In addition, the more people see you, the more they feel like they know you. When you finally meet in person, it will be like you've been friends forever. Not everyone will be interested or know who you are outright, so you will need to watch edits and leave comments as well! It is a two way street.

Check Your Progress

Day to day, your skill may not seem like it has improved much. You may learn a new trick after a few weeks of practicing, or you may more consistently learn to land certain tricks. Over time, however, you will be making big progress towards being a good kendama player. When you make edits, you can compare from one to the next how difficult the tricks are getting. It is a really funny feeling to get to your fifth edit, only to look back to your first to see you landing tricks that are now extremely easy to land.

Show Off Your Skill

Bragging rights. I've heard people say, “If you haven't landed a trick on camera, you haven't landed a trick.” It is one thing to say you've landed a trick, but if you can back it up with evidence, you're a legend. Some people are interested in getting involved with a company. Every company puts out great content from their players. If you have a history of making really good and cool edits, companies may be interested in having you on their team.

Ash Cups & Walnut Stripe Sol Flow Kendamas

These are just a few reasons why you should start putting yourself out there and making edits. There is no downside. You will learn how to film, edit, and produce content which is a fantastic skill to have. If getting started sounds difficult, then keep in mind that you don't have to create, just document. If you're going to practice, just turn on the camera and let it whirl. Get started!