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Maze 3 - OKendama


Level up your game with absolutely best in class ZERO1 shape. OKendama MAZE series are finally here in multiple color variety and Shtick v2 paint finishing. Perfect choice to start your Kendama journey while it's built and fully suitable for even the most demanding PRO players. Can you escape the MAZE?

Product features: 
  • ZERO1 shape;
  • MAPLE Ken / BEECH Tama set up;
  • Balanced Ken for insane playability;
  • Enlarged cups;
  • O! Hole in base cup;
  • 17cm ken size (~192mm total with tama);
  • 62mm Tama;
  • 23mm Tama bevel;
  • O! Shtick v2 paint finish;
  • Labyrinth tracking on tama;
  • You are Here tracking on big cup;
  • Strung with soft 70cm extra long string;
  • Strung with Metal spinner bearing;
  • Extra string & stickers;
  • Weight - approximately 170g (could vary +-20% as every wood cut is unique);

Type: ZERO1

Vendor: OKendama