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We're Looking for Pro Players!


After a year of business, Sol Kendamas is inviting kendama players from across the world to participate in our first sponsorship contest. Throughout the past year, we have been developing our brand, designing new products, and growing kendama and the community that surrounds it. Now we are seeking players to join us on this journey and become part of the team.

Round 1

June 7 - June 27


Round 2

July 4  - July 19

Round 1 was full of exciting entries. We spent a long time discussing, watching, and judging over 80 entries. That's about 4 hours of footage. It wasn't easy. We have so many friends and supporters; we're very thankful for that. We appreciate everyone who spent time and effort filming and creating an entry. The entries that we have pushed on to Round 2 are the following:


#SolGood award - Nathan Baker -

#LegitSeal award - Dawson Click -

At this point, it is do or die. How badly do you want it? We want to see you stomp some nasty tricks and be creative. We want to see you bring the fire.