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Origin Profile: Africa
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Limu
Grower: many small farmers
Altitude: 2000 to 2350 meters above sea level
Varietal: Heirlooms
Processing: Natural dry process – raised beds
Roast Profile: Light
Cupping notes:  Fruity, Floral, Berry, Chocolate; mild, sweet, and winey with a smooth mouthfeel.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the beans that make up this cup are spectacular examples of the heriloom beans that come from the country, as well as the traditional natural dry process, in which the coffee cherry is dried on the bean like a raisin, and then mechanically removed from the seed.

One of the great things about Ethiopian coffees is the complete mix of varietals. It is estimated that somewhere between six thousand and ten thousand varietals exist naturally in the highlands. The cross pollination of genetics creates a biological diversity among the plants not seen anywhere else in the coffee-growing world.

We are partiucularly fond of the Limu region for both its strong citrus and supportive berry flavors. When this is combined with processing as a natural, the result is dried cherry, berry, and lemonade like acidity.

The natural process develops in the coffee a wine-like complexity. The result is a coffee so distinctive, there is no other like it in the world.

Our goal with this project is to work with Magic Beans Coffee to bring fresh whole bean coffee to kendama players and connoisseurs of coffee alike.

"Magic Beans Coffee Roasters’ mission is to bring single-origin coffees of exceptional value to Lexington, to roast them in small batches, and to deliver them to consumers immediately after roasting for optimal freshness. While our focus is on serving coffee lovers in Central Kentucky, we will ship coffee anywhere in the United States through our subscription service, the Origin Explorers Club."


Type: Coffee

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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