Find Your Wings


This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and legendary kendama/lifestyle brand Find Your Wings. This kendama consists of maple wood, and uses the 'Sol shape' that many kendama players have come to love. The paint is a very sticky paint, styled to be similar to the mountain face logo seen on a lot of their products. 

Included in purchase:

One FYW kendama, a mini can of premium kenditioner, extra string and bead, and one of fifty limited edition Sol/FYW collaboration bags. 

About Find Your Wings:

The philosophy behind Find Your Wings, is to break boundaries, think outside the box, and enjoy the life we have been given. "Find your wings/ Break routine" means exactly what you'd think, find your passion, stick with it and continue pushing, don't be afraid of failure, because success will always be the next step. Break your daily routine, be adventurous and go out of your comfort zone. This isn't just a mindset, this is a lifestyle. Anything is possible if you truly set your mind to it. Today I want you to go out and find YOUR wings.

Break routine.


About 150-160 grams.

You can Find Your Wings on Instagram at @findyourwingsco or through their website here.

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