Kelvin Wong Pro Model

Sol Kendamas

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Kelvin has been an active part of the Sol team since 2017, and we are proud to finally introduce his pro model, the Wong Mod. The design inspiration for his kendama comes from several aspects of his life. The tama colors and Sol logo fade on the back handle of the ken are inspired by the Las Vegas sunsets. The five lines in the middle of the tama are inspired by musical staffs. The heat stamped music notes around the handles are inspired by his passion for classical music. The Wong Mod insignia on the front handle of the ken is a Chinese takeout box with K for Kelvin, and the Chinese character for “Wong” paying homage to his Chinese heritage.


The Wong Mod has a maple 1UP ken, 62mm maple tama, sticky paint, all-star bevel, and comes strung on an 8-10 finger length string.


Kelvin Wong - Sol Kendamas Pro Model Edit:

Included in purchase:

  • Kelvin Wong Pro Model
  • Wong Mod Box
  • Wong Mod Sticker Sheet
  • Extra Pink String and Metal Bearing Bead

Type: Pro Models

Vendor: Sol Kendamas