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This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and the yoyo company Freshly Dirty. During the 2016 Sol Summer Tour, we met a cool guy in Indiana named Alex Morton. He shared a lot of really cool ideas with us for a yoyo company that he had just created, and that’s when the relationship began. Alex is a teacher, and he tells his students “if you can get kinda good at something, you can become the best at anything.” So we made a “kinda good” kendama. It is made of full beech, features sticky paint, and comes string with a metal bearing bead.

Included in purchase:

One “kinda good” kendama, extra string and bead, and one of fifty Freshly Dirty collaboration cloth drawstring bags. 

About Freshly Dirty:

Freshly Dirty is a yoyo company that was founded by Alex Morton in the spring of 2016 on a dusty back porch in Redkey, IN. Later that year at the world yoyo contest, he began to build the brand from the ground up with loyal business partner Arthur Foley. Together, they created a team of misfits to bring the lifestyle of Freshly Dirty to the yoyo community. Always looking to inspire others, you can often catch Alex at contests around the midwest, reffing at the local paintball field, or mentoring kids at elementary after-school programs. 


About 160-200 grams.

You can find Freshly Dirty on Instagram at @freshlydirty.

Type: Standard

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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