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Little Georgia Boiz Collaboration

Sol Kendamas

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This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and the Little Georgia Boiz. This kendama is made of full beech, painted with the Sticky Boiz Clear, has a drilled base cup hole, and features the Sol Shape. Laser engraved tracking lines makes tracking tama rotations effortless, and the paint has the perfect amount of grip for balance tricks. 

Included in purchase:

One LGB x SOL kendama, an extra string and bead, and a cloth drawstring bag. 

About The Little Georgia Boiz:

The Little Georgia Boiz are a group of three kendama players from Atlanta, Georgia. Carson Connolly, Owen Wenzel, and Caleb Rush. They started painting kendamas during the Summer of 2018, and contacted us earlier this year with the idea to collaborate. Their infamous Sticky Boiz Clear is a formula they’ve developed, and has become very well-known throughout the Georgia Kendama scene.


About 170-200 grams.

You can find the Little Georgia Boiz on Instagram at @littlegaboiz.

Type: Standard

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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