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Motty Mod 1UP Jumbo

Sol Kendamas


The Motty Mod 1UP Jumbo is an XL performer sized kendama, with Motty's favorite colors. Motty loves playing XL kendamas, and prefers to play them stringless so he can do juggling tricks with three individual pieces.

This shape is a perfectly scaled up version of our 1UP shape. 

1UP Jumbos are a great addition to any collection. 

Maple Ken
Beech Tama 
Sticky Paint
Black String
Metal Bearing Bead

Included in purchase:

One Motty Mod 1UP Jumbo Kendama

Extra Black String and Metal Bearing Bead

Motty Mod Jumbo Cloth Drawstring Bag.

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Type: Kendama

Vendor: Sol Kendamas