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Sol Kendamas

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This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and graphic designer and illustrator, Mr Moshikame. Minimalist color palette and geometry has worked in unison to form the ultimate collab dama. This kendama shares the same paint as our Vibes series, which plays very well, especially when broken in. We opted for beech wood in order to keep it classic.

Included in purchase:

One Mr. Moshikame kendama, extra string and bead, and one of fifty limited edition Sol/Mr. Moshikame collaboration bags. 

About Mr. Moshikame:

Mr. Moshikame quickly established himself as someone who did designs/lettering of kendama players' names, typically altering the background to something thematic related to the players. In some cases, this was a pro model, or in others, a gradient. 


About 150-160 grams.

You can find Mr. Moshikame on Instagram at @mistermoshikame.

Type: Standard

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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