MuuMuu Collab - 1UP

Sol Kendamas

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This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and MuuMuu Coffee based out of Sumida, Tokyo. The tama is inspired by a vintage circus tent canopy, and the ken features two engravings that represent a drip coffee brewing method. This setup consists of a Maple 1UP ken with a drilled basecup hole and Beech tama.

Included in purchase:

One MuuMuu Coffee collaboration kendama, extra string and metal bearing bead, and a Sol/MuuMuu Coffee collaboration bag. 

About MuuMuu Coffee:

MuuMuu Coffee is a coffee and kendama shop in Sumida, Tokyo. It has quickly become a staple hangout spot for locals to get their morning brew, have conversation, and play kendama. If you visit Japan, MuuMuu Coffee is a destination that you must add to your list!

You can find MuuMuu Coffee on Instagram at @muumuucoffee!

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Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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