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Sol Kendamas

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This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and Japanese artist Syouma Tashiro (Patrick-san). You may be familiar with several of his cartoon kendama player/monster drawings. The Japanese word Rakugaki (楽描き) can be translated best as doodling, fun sketches, or easy drawing. The tama is made of beech with a sticky clearcoat, and features a halfsplit design with artwork on the top half. The ken is made of maple and features our 1UP shape with a drilled basecup hole.

Included in purchase:

One Rakugaki collaboration kendama, and an extra string and metal bearing bead. This kendama comes in a 1UP box.


Due to the natural variances in wood, the kens and tamas  can range anywhere from 70g-90g.

Type: 1UP

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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