Slayers Club 2.0

Sol Kendamas

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This is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and the apparel brand Slayers Club. The first edition of this kendama was designed by Steffan Brand, the owner of Slayers Club. This time, we decided to reverse the colors and restore the Crescent logo back to the full Sol logo. This kendama is made of maple wood, features the Sol Shape, has sticky paint, and a drilled base cup hole for lunar balance.

Included in purchase:

One Slayers Club kendama, extra string and bead, and one of one-hundred Sol/Slayers Club collaboration cloth drawstring bags. 

About Slayers Club:

Slayers Club: The Skilled Society  is the collaboration of Streetwear mixed with elements of Kendama. Each product is created to represent  street-style with the skilled culture mindset. In any craft you pursue, make sure you’re always one step ahead of the game.

Welcome to the club.


About 150-160 grams.


You can find Slayers club on Instagram at @SlayersClub, or through their website here

Type: Standard

Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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