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The most popular kendama in the game has returned! The Su Lab x Sol Collab is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and Su Lab, a kendama shop in Japan. Our third collaborative project with Su Lab features four color options. Su Lab's world famous friction clear tamas with a classic Su Lab colorway, paired with our 1UP shape. Full maple construction.

Included in purchase:

One Sol x Su Lab collaboration kendama, an extra black string and bearing bead, and a Sol x Su Lab collaboration cloth drawstring bag. 

About Su Lab:

Su Lab is a kendama brand based in Kawagoe, Japan just two hours north of Tokyo by train. Su Lab had a physical location for a decade, but recently has moved their business online. Historically, Su Lab has been a place that players from all over Japan and the world would come together to hang out, play kendama, and chill. They were especially amazing hosts for international players who would come to visit during KWC or Catch and Flow. Friction clear was created by Su Lab to produce the best competitive kendamas in the game. This unique paint style can only be purchased through Su Lab, so we are honored to collaborate with them on this project.


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Vendor: Sol Kendamas

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