Zero 1UP Ken

Sol Kendamas

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This line of kens is a collaborative effort between Sol Kendamas and OKendama.

These kens are made from a European birch ply-wood that was ecologically died and laminated in Latvia. The black & yellow kens are NAN!O coated to enhance the color and durability of the kens. In comparison to the 1UP shape, produced in China, the Zero 1UP has a slimmer handle below the sarado, stall points that are slightly sharper and less rounded, a longer spike taper, and are fully produced and hand-finished in Latvia. 

Included in purchase:

One Zero 1UP shape spectra-ply collaboration ken, extra string, metal bearing bead, and an OKendama cloth drawstring bag. 

About OKendama:

OKendama is a kendama brand based out of Riga, Latvia. OKendama is one of the first kendama companies to start movement of the kendama in Latvia and the Baltic States. Supporting, participating and hosting, from the jams to the biggest events in Europe. Their events and the store itself are regularly visited by the brightest kendama stars from a lot of different teams and countries. Okendama with united team and interests, wants to show the world that kendama is more than just a game.

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Sol Kendamas