Alex Mitchell Sets A New Kendama World Record!

October 23, 2021

Alex Mitchell Sets A New Kendama World Record!

Another kendama world record has been set, and we are proud to say that is Sol Kendama's own pro player Alex Mitchell! Alex now holds the world record for most consecutive Boarder's Balance flips. What is the actual record holding number itself? Not one, or two, or three - not even 6 - but SEVEN flips in a row. Nuts! Watch the video below to see for yourself: 

Although, I will say that if anyone would be up to the challenge Alex is defiantly the man for the job. With his kendama community famous boarder's balance tricks, he is probably the best candidate to set the world record. It really is amazing to see just how far Alex's talents a kendama player have come. From making the podium at small events, becoming a sponsored player, to traveling the world and getting his own pro model, it's really cool to see him now enter the record book! Or, website I should say. 

Where To Find More Kendama World Records

If you want to see more epic kendama world records, check out this website that has started documenting an assortment of tricks and the players who have achieved them. The site also has a few other cool kendama activities like challenging tricks to try and tutorials. Who knows, maybe one day YOU will be listed for a kendama world record!