Here's 5 Must See Kendama Documentaries

October 16, 2021

Here's 5 Must See Kendama Documentaries

The history of kendama, both recent and past, has been preserved in videos created by players who understand the importance of recording events, profiling players, and cataloging makes and models. Kendama documentaries, or "Kendocumentaries" as they are called, can shed a light on certain particular corners of the kendama community worldwide that many people may not know have existed. They can also detail the process of how certain kendamas are made and act as a video diary to show a players progression over time. 

So here we have 5 Kendocumentaries that have a variety of topics. By viewing these you can get a better understanding of not just kendama, but the culture as a whole, and how he different people who are included in these videos share the same passion for kendama despite being located in different parts of the world. Enjoy!

The Sol Shape Documentary

We produced this video about 4 years ago when we released the Sol shape. It may be outdated now, but we see it as a humorous look at our company history.



This French production follows 6 months of Kendama France's kendama culture. They jam, meet with friends, and go to many events around the country. 


The History Of Kendama Animated Short Film

The ever-talented George Marshall put together this short animated history of kendama itself. He playfully carbonizes the organs of the game in a creative and fun way. 


 The Story Of Dama To The Death 

This video recounts the history of the only 'winner burns all' kendama competition, Dama To The Death. It shows footage from numerous years and even includes the controversy the event received when it first was announced. 


Iijima Hiroki : Portrait of a Kendama Samurai

This documentary profiles Iijima Hiroki, one of the most talented kendama players to hail from Japan. He describes what kendama means to him and how it has elevated his life and way of thinking.