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"Kendama And Chill" - A Lofi Playlist Inspired By Lofi Girl

July 26, 2021

"Kendama And Chill" - A Lofi Playlist Inspired By Lofi Girl

She has been the face of lofi music since the genre became increasingly popular on Youtube. These calming background beat playlists are I deal for studying or relaxing to, as they are instrumental and soft in tone making them less distracting to listen to. Even as I write this blog post, I am listening to Tokyo Lofi Hip-Hip 24/7 radio, as I have already listened to the playlist we made a thousands times. 

Who Is The Lofi Girl? 

The Lofi Girl is a young female studying with headphones on who seemingly can never stop taking enough notes, and sits by a window as her feline friend calmly sits on the window sill, wagging its tail back and forth.

The Lofi Girl is modeled after a scene from the 1995 Studio Ghibli film, Whisper Of The Heart, as the Youtube channel Chill Cow (as it was called then) originally used the actual still from the film, resulting in legal issues from Studio Ghibli. This, in turn, forced Chill Cow to recreate their very own lofi girl, and even renamed their channel after her.

The popularity of the channel unleashed hundreds of inspired lofi beat playlists featuring images and GIFs from animated Japanese television shows and films. So we thought we would make one too! Check out the video below to listen to the full playlist and enjoy the awesome artwork featuring anime version of Chad and Shelton Covington! 

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