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Kendama In Orlando's Milk District!

May 03, 2021

Kendama In Orlando's Milk District!

As one of Orlando, Florida's emerging local neighborhoods, The Milk District is an eclectic part of of O-Town that has been host to many engaging events, parties, and local art. With this pairing of niche interests all in one place, it is only natural that kendama would slowly somehow find its way in. 

The Milk District's History

Named after the T.G. Lee milk factory that was introduced to Orlando in 1934, The Milk District has since become a commercial hub for local arts, food, music, and fashion. It's rapid growth in recent years allow dit to be the 10th district to join the Orlando Main Streets program in 2016. It is also a popular event avenue as well, as events like Milk Mart and Rockin' On Robinson draw crowds of enthusiastic patrons. 

Kendama first hit the Milk District's scene in 2017, when Honed Media, then known as Skillderness, popped up a tent at Milk Mart demonstrating and selling kendamas. With The Milk District's main demographic being 20-somethings with niche interests, it organically gathered attention and new Orlando kendama players emerged. 

Sol Kendamas In The Milk District 

Over the years, kendama playing remained to be a consistent sight in The Milk District at its various hangouts like The Nook and Sportstown. Sol Kendamas sponsored the Dama To The Death 3 pre-party which was hosted at Ironcow, a bar and venue that if you couldn't tell by its name, resides in The Milk District. At this party we released Antithesis, our first collaboration with Honed Media. Due to Orlando's strong kendama scene, we sold out of every model we had that night. 

Recently, kendama has at last made it's way ups the ranks in the Milk District by working with the Orlando Main Street's colleagues who represent the Milk District's Main Street status. The project is called Get Moovin'. Benefitting The Milk District Main Street, The Get Moovin' virtual fitness challenge has four fun challenges to choose from.



Kendama is great way to get up and be active, so we think it's awesome to have kendama included as a challenge. I mean, we all can probably agree that kendama is the definition of challenging! Not only that, but having our full beech, 1UP shape Signal Jammer collab kendamas for the giveaway will allow any challenger all of the specifications they need to get up and play.