Sol Flow Team Member Kelvin Wong Featured on The Brewview

August 16, 2021

Sol Flow Team Member Kelvin Wong Featured on The Brewview

The Brewview, a podcast hosted by Adam McNeil, is a kendama culture oriented show about kendama culture and the community that surrounds it. In season 2, episode 20 of The Brewview, our Sol Flow Team member Kelvin Wong was featured as a guest. 

A Symphony of Clacks: Kelvin Wong's Composition

In the podcast episode, Kelvin dives into various topics that are associated with his kendama career and journey. With his home town being Las Vegas, Nevada, as he grew up Kelvin developed a multitude of talents throughout the years, not just kendama, but violin and culinary arts. Adam McNeil does a great job of asking  sincere questions that only fuel Kelvin's detailed answers. 

"Kelvin Wong is a master of the arts. The art of music, cooking, and of course Kendama. Kelvin's sincere devotion to crafting a symphony out of every clack does not go unnoticed. Dive into this week's episode for a rollercoaster ride through dama, music, anime, and Kelvin's favourite meals." - The Brewview

Here are some notes about Kelvins interview: 

Coffee Candy
Moving around the US
Finding dama in Jr. High
From KD Fanboy to Teammate
Sol Kendamas Sponsorship
Kendama design
Defining "Tech"

Watch The Brewview Kendama Podcast Here: