Can You Take a Kendama on an Airplane?

June 24, 2015

If you're flying in the United States, you might be wondering whether or not you can take your kendama as carry-on. The TSA prohibits various items, some as vague as "sharp objects" or "sporting goods," which puts kendama in a tight spot. Generally, metal kendamas are a big no-no. 

Should you worry?

No. As a matter of fact, many of people have managed to take kendamas on the airplane. One example that comes to mind is Musous On a Plane. The most important thing to the TSA is passenger safety. 

What should I do?

Keep your kendama tied and the tama on the spike. Don't give anyone a reason to find trouble. Make sure it is extra visible when your items are being X-Rayed. Being more visible shows that you are not trying to hide anything. 

What if they ask about it?

Once again, don't worry! Explain that a kendama is a toy and show them a couple of basic tricks. They shouldn't give you any trouble after that, especially since you'll land every trick.. right? Right.

Can You Take a Kendama on an Airplane?

YES. Take a kendama with you! If you're worried about losing a favorite kendama, check it in your bag instead of taking it as carry-on. Take a jammer on the plane instead. You can celebrate after you have made it through security.

Keep in mind that it is good to be concious of those around you on the plane; kendama noises could be almost as bad as the crying baby in 26B.