The Value Of Kendama Unboxing Videos

April 19, 2021

The Value Of Kendama Unboxing Videos

If you are one of the many kendama players who is routinely in the market for new kendama, then you probably watch a lot of unboxing videos. But if you are not always looking for a new kendama to play, then you probably just go with your gut on which one to purchase when it is available. But why are unboxing videos important in the kendama community in the first place?

What Is A Kendama Unboxing?

Kendama unboxings are videos created to show what a kendama will look like right out of the box. The video creator usually gives a first thoughts review of the kendama and then goes over what is included within the packaging. Sometimes the person reviewing the kendama is really thorough and even reviews the packaging itself, whether its a reusable canvas bag or a disposable box with plastic. But of course with every kendama, each unboxing video is different. 

Why Do Kendama Players Watch Unboxing Videos?

What makes kendama unboxing videos useful is that they give an honest insight into what you are getting when you are thinking about ordering a new kendama. A good unboxing video of high quality can influence a buyers decision on whether or not to purchase the product, as it answers their questions before they decide to pull out their wallet: How does the kendama feel weight wise? What else is included? Is it worth the money?

Potential customers like watching unboxing videos made by real people and not just by the brand who sells them as it seems more honest as the video creator has no affiliation with the brand of kendama they are reviewing. The customer feels as if they can trust the person on screen as they are another kendama player just like them. 

Are Unboxing Videos Also Reviews? 

As stated above, every kendama unboxing video is different. Some creators have a different style, and only reveal and analyze the kendama they bought. Other creators are much more critical and tell their audience what they do and don't like about the kendama. So if your'e in the market for a new kendama, it is best to watch multiple unboxing videos of the kendama you are interested in buying. If there is only one unboxing video of that one particular kendama, maybe there is another one with a kendama that is from the same company and uses the same shape. 

Unboxing videos are a great way to help you decide to buy a kendama or stay away from it. Either way, they are informative, honest, and usually enjoyable to watch. Kendama unboxing's can give you insight into a product that someone else has already purchased before you decide to take the leap.