How Youtube Elevated Kendama

January 16, 2022

How Youtube Elevated Kendama

Video content provides a direct approach to how kendama is played, who is worth knowing about, and incredible trick edits that show what is possible. So it is no surprise that Youtube has fundamentally influenced how kendama has grown over the past ten years or so. 

When a new player discovers the endless videos involving kendama on Youtube, they can gauge a new sense of what kendama is all about. They can learn new tricks faster using tutorials, from beginner basics to the most advanced tricks in the game. Unboxing videos help players decide which kendama they want to purchase and play next. Short documentaries about players all over the world can shed light on just how much of an impact kendama has on people. And of course, the epic kendama trick edits that are published by pro players and their respective sponsors.


I don't think we need to explain too much about how vital tutorials can be. Tutorial videos can make a big difference to players who are just starting out and need some help wrapping their heads around the basic tricks to get them started. As opposed to a player who may not know there are kendama tutorials, who may just land all three cups and think they beat the game.  


Player edits demonstrate just was can be done with a kendama. They are a creative and mind-blowing thing to watch, and also has the ability to inspire other players to create such videos. I think it is safe to say that the kendama community makes the best use of the GoPro head strap for that famous POV angle. 


There are a handful of kendama documentaries floating around on Youtube that give us a peek into the lives of different players from all over the globe. These videos examine kendama culture through unique perspectives, and allow us insight into other players communities and lives. 


Unboxing's are simply just fun to watch as its exciting to see a new kendama put under the microscope. Unboxing videos also lend a hand to players who are looking to see if the kendama highlighted is for them, and can highly influenced their buying decision. 

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